Thursday, October 27, 2005



Gregg Doyel, at CBS Sportsline, reports in bis weblog that Ramar Smith is not longer committed to Connecticut. He is citing Scout.com as his source. It was rumored at the time Smith withdrew after a week from South Kent Prep that he might not stick with UConn, well, it looks like UConn is not sticking with him. Here is the weblog post by Doyelin his Dribbles: Smith and Uconn Part.

Projected 2006-2007 Roster:
Seniors: Marcus Williams (PG), Josh Boone (PF/C)
Juniors: Rudy Gay (SF)
Sophomores: AJ Price (G), Marcus Johnson (WG), Jeff Adrien (F), Craig Austrie (G), Robert Garrison (PG).
Freshmen: Curtis Kelly (BF/C), Jerome Dyson (G), Jonathan Mandeldove (C), Stanley Robinson (F), Ben Eaves (F)

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In the past two weeks, Connecticut has landed a couple new commitments for 2006 with Stanley Robinson and have lost a couple recruit in Will Harris and Ramar Smith. Smith seems to be in academic limbo if you have been following the articles on his transferring from school to school in the last several months, so, his qualifying status was probably a longshot, so, if UConn wanted to head in another direction, his presence would no longer deter a possible recruit.

smith is a powerful wing guard that can score, early reports from UConn practices are very favorable for Marcus Johnson and Craig Austrie and another commitment, Jerome Dyson all sound to be solid players in the mix next year. The wildcards are, of course, Marcus Williams and AJ Price. Of course, Price has to get past his legal problems and get cleared medically AND shake off two years of rust. Williams, if he clears his legal problems, also has NBA possibilities as well. So, a true PG might still be a player the Huskies could find a need for. Would Eugene Harvey interst UConn again? It is probably a safe bet that coach Jim Calhoun will land a top PG in the 2007 class. Another shooter is also a good fit for UConn, but, starting the process all over again 2 weeks prior to the signing period might be tough.

As more information becomes avaialable, we will try to stay on top of it.


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